Megasoft started around 1980 as an ‘automation representative’ in the rising computer branch.

Later, developing software applications, for hotel, SME and industrial purposes, completed with systems building.

Started in 1992 the business MegaSoft I.C.T. consultancy and later in 2001 expand the business with a supplementary Service Center.

Lately providing on-site independent IT management to companies and applying ICT solutions.


Multifunctional all-round independent business, with more than 25 year I.C.T. experiences in various companies and sectors. Result-oriented, without losing sight of the remaining interests.

Cooperation on the basis of strong reciprocal trusts. Widely experience IT knowledge acquired in several sectors, among private sector, industrial and chemicals industry, financial service and medical world. Experience in consultancy, interim-, commercial-, IT-, project- and crisis-management.


For our customers we are a fair partner, who makes a contribution to achieving their company objectives, with qualitative I.C.T. solutions and competent and reliable services, which are coordinated on their specific needs.

We provide complete solutions, in a flexible manner with the modifying needs of our customers.
(recommendation, design, installation, guard, training, management, maintenance and support).